Old Chameleon - Green Version
Occultart   green 03 closeup
Occultart   chameleon green
Occultart   oldchameleonm green 05 4k cam 09 s
Occultart   oldchameleon cam 23 closeup
Occultart   render green 06 bt
Occultart   oldchameleon green 08 closeup
Occultart   render green 07 b
Old Chameleon - Green Version

Well, they can change color :-) Just playing with some more renders. I chose to post this one separately because the other post was already quite full with renders: (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1ek22)

More artwork
Occultart   occultart sage copper gold wip 004Occultart   occultart chameleon 01 cam 20 2k 001 edited colorOccultart   screenshot 2018 06 12 081 cropped