UE4 Blueprints Test
Occultart   screenshot 2016 06 16 008
Occultart   ue4 abstract 1
Occultart   ue4 abstract 3
Occultart   ue4 abstract 2
UE4 Blueprints Test

All pieces are procedural blueprints in UE4 and can be scaled automatically. I made this scene to practice blueprints. It still needs a lot of work including roofs, trees, and figures. I was inspired by the game "Monument Valey", this was before they announced "Lands End".

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Occultart   occultart sage copper gold wip 004Occultart   occultart chameleon 01 cam 20 2k 001 edited colorOccultart   screenshot 2018 06 12 081 cropped